Who Are Picaluna?

Picaluna - Beautiful Funerals

Picaluna is a remarkable network of professional funeral planners and celebrants who offer a complete funeral package without pressure, restriction or hidden costs.

Picaluna are leading the current wave of change in the funeral industry. They empower families to make creative choices and create truly inspirational, authentic and beautiful farewells, within a budget that is comfortable and affordable.

Picaluna funerals come in all shapes and sizes , often held in park, social club, beach or even at home. And there are no time constraints. We recognise that most people would like more than the standard 40 minutes allowed by most funeral directors, and always protect our families from a hurried farewell, which can cause immense ongoing pain.

We offer families total freedom over the where, when and how by sourcing venues, hearses, coffins and all other services from independent service providers. We include families in this so that you can see the actual industry cost for every item. A service fee of 35% is applied to the total, and we donate 5% of our profit to a charity of your choice. In this way, our business model is completely open and transparent and you only pay for what you want, at a fair and transparent price.

For more information, visit www.picaluna.com.