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A memorial service held separately, after the cremation or burial allows more flexibility and often enables more people to attend.

Many people choose to hold a memorial service in a favourite, familiar place - at a beach, on a headland, in the family home or at a local club or restaurant.

Sometimes the memorial includes scattering of the ashes, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Most people choose to have a funeral celebrant assist with managing their memorial service, which can include writing and delivering a full service, or just providing a simple framework for family to deliver their own tributes.

We can suggest and arrange the venue, manage catering on the day or you may prefer to do everything yourselves.

However you choose to manage the day, it is important to include a “Memorial Table”, which is a small collection of photos, flowers and special things to represent the deceased - a favourite hat, a hand written recipe book, perhaps their fishing kit, their old boots, their favourite mug….

If the ashes are to be scattered, we often know “exactly where” - perhaps a favourite beach, a headland or bushland clearing. People who have migrated during their lives to Australia may want their ashes returned to their home country.

For those needing repatriation of ashes, we use the services of Ashes Courier.  Who manage the entire process of returning cremated ashes anywhere in the world.

Northern Beaches Funerals Memorial Table with favourite Hat
Some others find comfort in the notion that ashes scattered into the sea are, by virtue of ocean currents, eventually dispersed across the entire globe. When choosing a time and a place to scatter, some pre-planning (especially in terms of wind strength and direction) can make all the difference.

Broadly speaking, ashes can be scattered pretty much anywhere provided that people are respectful and sensible and ensure that passers-by are not impacted in any way.

Many choose to buy a specially designed urn in which the ashes can be kept indefinitely and there are literally hundreds of innovative and stylish options for display indoors or outdoors. We can supply full information and pricing on request.

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