Carbon Offset with Greenfleet


Northern Beaches Funerals have selected Greenfleet to offset the carbon contributions of our business.

When we offer the option of cremation or burial, more and more families are opting for cremation.

There are a variety of reasons for this selection, but in doing so it can create it's own set of additional complexities.

Without too much sugar coating; a cremation is the final step in returning a persons body back to dust and as such, there is a carbon contribution.

There are visible and hidden contributions to the carbon load when cremating :

  • how big is the person for cremation
  • what type of coffin being used (hardwood, laminated timber or cardboard)
  • where is the coffin produced (the basics of shipping and delivery)
  • what materials a reused and how are they made
  • crematorium energy usage (fossil fuelled or renewable)

It is reported that a cremation can emit from 40kg to 160kg of carbon.

With this figure in mind, plus the other contributors; we have chosen to offset 250kg of carbon for each cremation.

We set this figure to allow coverage for the cremation itself, plus the incidental contributors too.

Find out more about carbon offset with Greenfleet via their website - www,