Northern Beaches Funerals Direct Burial Service

There are two burial options - either a Direct Burial with no service and no attendance (often followed by a memorial service at a later date), or the more traditional Burial with a Funeral Service.

A Direct Burial costs from $4,150, including burial plot opening and closing fees.

A Burial with Funeral Service starts from $7,000, including burial plot opening and closing fees.

These prices don’t include the cost of the burial plot itself.

Costs of burial plots in Sydney range from $6,000 to $45,000.

Burial plots are often purchased ahead of time, to secure preferred locations at todays' prices. This provides peace of mind, knowing that family members final resting place will be together.

Some families like to engage the cemetery directly, or we can manage this for you.

You may also consider a headstone - these are generally arranged through the cemetery itself or with a local stonemason, some months after the burial.

Burial Services from Northern Beaches Funerals

The choice is yours whether to conduct the entire service at graveside, or your preference may be to hold the service at a different place, either before or after the burial itself. Often there will be a smaller group of mourners in attendance at the burial as it is a very intimate time for most people.

Natural Burial grounds are becoming popular all over the world - or at the Sydney's First Natural Burial Park is at Kemps Creek Cemetery and it is used by families from all over Sydney.

Natural burial offers a simple and sustainable resting place with minimal disturbance to the bushland environment. To ensure that the habitat is kept natural, there are no formal headstones or monuments and the use of herbicides and pesticides is avoided to create a self-sustaining eco-system.

Many cemeteries offer community events throughout the year at which the broader community can gather to commemorate loved ones – these may include monthly masses, the blessing of graves on All Souls Day or perhaps a special service at Christmas time.

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