Nicolas (Arney) Rivers Live-Stream Instructions

Thank you for registering for the livestream of Nic’s memorial service, which commences tomorrow (7th September) at 10am Sydney time.  Our videographer has given the following instructions - please scroll down to the end of this email to ensure you have all the information needed - thank you.

1)  Go to  This gets you to the Plushtown live streams page. No password is needed.

Nicolas (Arney) Rivers Live-Stream Screen

2)  Click on 'LIVE'

3)  20 minutes before 10am, a link will appear there (it's not the one there now, as YouTube doesn't allow links to be reused).

4)  Click the pic

Nicolas (Arney) Rivers Live-Stream Icon

5)  When we relocate up to the other side of the headland at the end of the ceremony, we'll try and use the same link - but powering down and moving the gear may have us creating a new link, which will be accessible just as above.

6)  After the event, a high-quality video from the camera (not the online stream) will be available, but until then, the YouTube link will still be available for replays etc.

7)  We will be putting together a Jar of Memories - a collection of happy memories and stories about Nic for Kristina, Indira and Eleanor to draw on forever. Please feel free to email your memories to and I will print out and add them to the memory jar on your behalf.