You Need To Share

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You Need To Share

One of the biggest struggles we have when arranging a funeral service or memorial service for someone is lack of information.

Not the basic information like Date of Birth, how many children, their sisters and brothers, etc.

But the really important stuff that made them who they were.

What were they like, what was their sense of humour, what was their early life like, what interests and hobbies did they enjoy.

It's these kinds of things that really make an impactful, meaningful and moving ceremony to celebrate and remember them.

We're not only celebrating the person as they were, but sharing stories about them to everyone.

The more people you get to tell stories, the more you will learn about the person they were.

When my brother-in-law died suddenly, I arranged his funeral service and I was very proud to do so.

Anyone that wished to speak, or just say a couple of words were encouraged to do so.

In opening up the microphone, we learned a great deal about how he operated in the world, how he helped others and how he touched people with his kindness and friendliness.

Most these people were not known to me or my husband/his younger brother, but if we had not invited these people to share - those stories would have been lost and gone with him.

I know it is very difficult to share at this time, but believe me; it is worth it.

Do your best to work through the immediate pain so you can open up the untouched treasures in their life.

We've got some ideas on the process - just ask us to help. 

Every person is unique.  Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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