Working With UK Families

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Working With UK Families

With almost 10% of residents in some areas of the Northern Beaches being of UK origin, we often find ourselves working with families for whom a significant part of the family still resides in UK.

Sometimes family members are able to travel to Sydney for the funeral in which case clear and accurate communication on dates is essential so that flights and accommodation can be arranged.

The ceremony may also need to be delayed a few days to enable everyone to arrive.

For friends and family that are not able to travel, the distance and time zone can make them feel very isolated in their grief.  It's hard enough to lose a loved one, let alone not being able to attend their funeral.

This is where some creative thinking can really help connect people.

Of course, live-streaming the funeral ceremony is one obvious solution and we do this with many of our services. The cost of the live-stream is included in most crematorium chapel fees and if it is not available in the chosen venue, we can easily bring in our amazing live-stream team at Ceremony Cast who provide a wonderful, high-quality livestream and recording service.

As well as livestream, there are several other ways we can help connect families.

For example :

  • absent family can choose a single stem flower to be placed onto the coffin in their name as part of the ceremony
  • they can write or record their own tribute, to be read out or screened at the ceremony
  • simultaneous lighting of candles around the world is healing, beautiful and inclusive
  • sending a letter to be placed on or in the coffin is very powerful, especially if it can be hand-written
  • choosing a special song or piece of music to be played during the service
  • returning some or all of the ashes to UK

By including a few (or all) of these simple but powerful rituals, we help bridge the gap of distance at this most tender of times.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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