Where to start when planning a Service?

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Where to start when planning a Service?

When planning a funeral service, celebration of life or memorial it is just like planning any other event, like a wedding, birthday or anniversary party.  The people are the same, but we are brought together for a different reason.

Venue selection, catering, music, decorations, RSVP's, etc.  We've all seen lists like this.

In this very difficult time when planning for this particular event, we usually turn our thoughts to "what would they have wanted?".

This first thought about them will - most of the time - give the answers to almost all the questions which allows the planning and delegating to begin.

Think about their passion or favorite pastime.  What was the thing that really got them going and they loved doing?  No matter what it is, we can make a start to bringing this together as the foundation for their service.

Again, think about a favorite food or drink - there's your answer for a catering theme.

A short time ago, we had a service for a lady who was known as an expert Brownie maker and as such we made a toast to her with Brownie's created by her closest cooking friends.

Think about what they would have wanted and start from there.

You get the idea.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual. 

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