What music to choose for the service?

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What music to choose for the service?

The choice of music for a funeral is usually a big subject, and can be very difficult! Your feelings will be so mixed up and listening to musical suggestions usually brings forth both tears and laughter.

As a very rough guide (and remembering there are no rights and wrongs) , a framework to start out with is:

On arrival – something fairly gentle & reflective. Classical can be great at this time, and can easily be replayed if necessary until everyone is present and ready for the service to commence.

After the opening address from the celebrant, this is the right time to play THAT song – the one that absolutely breaks you open and brings your person back into the room with you – it might be the track you first danced to for a partner or a favourite lullaby for a child. Choose music that cuts deep and helps you reach the depth of your feelings and your grief so that you can release that painful flood and then feel more peaceful afterwards.

Words, reflections, memories then follow, after which there is usually a time for private reflection, possibly with photos and images of their life, accompanied by one or two of their old song favourites. Music that reminds us of the joy of their time on earth and all the shared years and memories as well as the sadness of their loss. Music that will help you smile for them as well as cry for them.

At the end of the service, the 'send off' or 'committal' is the time to choose, if you can, something uplifting, that they would have loved and probably would have turned up the volume and sung along to whenever it was played. In the years to come, you will be doing the same, so try to picture them in the happiest of times, as they would wish to be remembered.  Send them off with a song they loved.