What is a "Funeral Director"

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What is a "Funeral Director"

The term "FUNERAL DIRECTOR" is a misnomer.

What we actually do is to help families find the most comforting way to farewell their loved one.

We do not "direct".

We listen.
We support.
We inform.
We suggest.

Our work is not about coffins, flowers and hearses.

It's about what each family need and want in their time of bereavement.

There is so much dis-empowerment in death, so to restore just a little control to the family via the funeral arrangements is a fundamental part of what we do.

Of course, this approach takes time.

Time to talk about the person who has died.

Time to learn about the family landscape.

Time for families to realise that we are firmly 'on their side', rather than just trying to sell them a product.

Our initial meeting with families usually takes around two hours, at their home, where they can feel relaxed and supported.

During this initial meeting, we listen, we learn and then we offer two or three options that we think will suit the needs of that family – emotionally, geographically and financially.

If none of these 'feel right' then we explore further.

There is such a warm feeling of relief and solidarity when we arrive at a plan that works for everyone (including perhaps distant friends or family who cannot attend in person) and then we start filling in the details.

After every discussion, we send a follow-up email detailing the decisions so far, and the items still to be decided, so that everyone knows what they need to do, and when.

This really helps to make the days before the funeral as stress-free as possible.


Every person is unique.  Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.


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