What do Coffins Cost?

Coffins -

What do Coffins Cost?

What do coffins cost?

Coffin Pricing

The truth is that no matter what some families are asked to PAY for a coffin, the actual COST of most coffins is around $350 + GST.

Cardboard (Bio Board) coffin costs $150 + GST
Richmond Maple (veneer) coffin costs $350 + GST
Wicker Basket or Pandanus Leaf coffin costs $500 - $700 + GST
Solid timber Enviro coffin costs $900 + GST
Polished solid timber coffins cost from $2350 + GST upwards

Choosing a coffin that is in keeping with the way a person lived is important.

Decorated Cardboard Coffin

For example, most environmentalists choose cardboard or wicker!

Equally important is not to over-spend on the coffin.

The low cost coffins don't look 'cheap' by any means - for instance a cardboard coffin looks amazing when it has been decorated with flowers, pictures or memorabilia.

Conversely, timber veneer coffins (cost $350-$565) actually look very similar to sold timber (from $2500 upwards).

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