We Ask About The Person

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We Ask About The Person

The funeral service is ordinarily the final public farewell to an individual.

Usually, family and very close friends feel the loss of the loved one for much longer than casual friends or acquaintances, but in the moment while at the funeral service, everyone is united by the emotion of the time.

Sometimes there is great sadness, especially when a life is cut short by illness or accident and the person has not yet had the time to really shine and make their impression on the world.

In other circumstances, the funeral service serves as a real celebration.  A chance to relive the life and stories of someone who has experienced a lot and lived a very full life.

No matter what the circumstance, there are always questions about how "big" the funeral service should be?

When we are asked the direct questions about the venue location, size and how many people should be invited; we always come straight back with questions.

We ask questions about the individual :
  -  what kind of person were they?
  -  what were their interests?
  -  who would they want to speak at their funeral?
  -  ... and many more

There is so much information that can be gleaned from a few well thought out questions.

We ask the questions and take particular note of the answers.

We use the answers to start building a picture of the person and then we can offer input about how the create an exceptional funeral service for the person no matter what the circumstances.

Whether or not you choose us to manage the funeral service, make sure you contact us to talk about what your options are.

Every person is unique.  Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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