The Memory Scarf - a stunning & unique family heirloom

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The Memory Scarf - a stunning & unique family heirloom

Quite by chance we recently came across one of the most beautiful memorial ideas we have seen - the Memory Scarf.

Using the centuries-old technique of Japanese plant dyeing, a scarf of pure silk or cashmere is lovingly created using the petals and foliage of flowers chosen to honor a loved one.

Laying out a Memory Scarf

The shapes, shades and structural details of each petal and leaf laid onto the fabric are infused slowly into the textile and thus preserved forever.

We are enchanted with the idea that flowers from the funeral of a loved one can become a stunning scarf - a wearable family heirloom that can be passed down through generations yet to come.

Rolling a Memory Scarf

A living memory to wrap ourselves in as we grieve, to take with us wherever we travel, to be worn with love at future family occasions and, one day, to swaddle a newborn baby.

Sadly, coffin or funeral flowers, chosen with so much care are discarded by crematorium staff before the coffin is cremated, so this a perfect way to hold those flowers forever, preserved by the amazing alchemy that happens in the artists' studio.

The result is a unique garment which continues the story of that very special person.

Memory Scarf in detail

It's not just coffin flowers either.  Personally, I waited until freesia season to gather the wildflowers my Mum loves so much.  Freesias have become a symbol of welcome every time my mum, my sister and I meet, a tradition now also adopted by our own daughters.  Three scarves - one for each of us 'elders' will be the most wonderful gift of love to pass down through generations of our women.  Clearly, I am smitten!

My personal favourite is the cashmere - the finest quality, light and warm super soft wool that carries the ethereal beauty of each flower and leaf so gracefully.  Wearing it feels like being wrapped in gentle love.

The edges of a Memory Scarf

Choose blooms from their garden, flowers from their funeral or their forever favourites.

The memories, and the scarf, will last forever.

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