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Reliance on our team is absolutely key to delivering a great funeral ceremony.

Recently, a new recruit commented that “everyone in the team has such amazing attention to detail and you all seem to operate so seamlessly together" her comment surprised me, as she has been involved in funeral work for quite a while but was new to our team, so I asked her specifically to list what she'd noticed we were doing differently :

  • great care over the positioning and correct alignment of coffin and flowers
  • setting out tissues and bottled water in the front two rows of seating
  • freshly ironed white cloths on all tables
  • chilled water available to mourners as they arrive
  • careful checking of chapel temperature, ventilation, lighting and seating layouts
  • removing flowers, photographs and memorabilia at the end of the ceremony
  • resetting them at the wake venue

Her overall summary was that of extraordinary teamwork, great care and attention to detail for the needs of the family and mourners aswell as the deceased be treated with the utmost dignity.

Although all the items on her list were very specific and could be called the "little things".  We believe they are noticed, perhaps not commented on at the time, but are certainly observed by family members and mourners at our ceremonies.

Northern Beaches Funerals Team Members

This teamwork and attention to detail is all about preparation and shared knowledge.  The 'little things' can, and often do go unnoticed particularly when they go smoothly.

The 'big things' also go unnoticed when going smoothly.

In every funeral ceremony there are little hiccups along the way, but with preparation and a great team they are rarely noticed by the family and mourners.

The way that we work, by the day of the funeral, our funeral director and celebrant will have spent more than 3 hours with the family and will have spoken individually with each of them aswell, plus will have exchanged many more emails and phone calls.

The relationship between a funeral director and a family is very short and intense, not only gathering details about the deceased so we can deliver a heartfelt funeral ceremony, but also understanding that some family members may have specific needs on the day; learning about these we can tailor the ceremony to help everyone through it.

All this information, personal preferences and specific details of the family are shared with the funeral team on the day in our briefing and each team member has their "run-sheet" confirming everything to be sure the funeral ceremony runs as smoothly as possible.

Families place their trust in us.  It is a privilege and a duty we take very seriously.

The best way we can honor that trust and care for them and their loved one is to think of them as our own.  As such, our team will do everything possible to ensure the funeral as memorable as possible.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual. 

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