Share the Load

Accepting Help, Getting Help, Teamwork -

Share the Load

When someone in your life becomes unwell for whatever reason it may seem as though a dark cloud descends over you and that there's no real path forward or through.

Whether the situation changes very quickly from an accident or sudden onset disease or it's perhaps an ongoing degenerative condition at the cause.  No matter what happens or how it happens there can certainly be dark times to work through and there may be times when the situation feels hopeless or helpless.

During these times, there is no weakness in asking for help.  The more help you seek the more the load is shared.

"A problem shared is a problem halved" was a favourite saying of my grandmother, she was a great believer in helping as many people as she could.

There's something about sharing a problem.  It would seem as though the simple act of getting the hassle out in the open can helps reduce its magnitude.

When help does arrive do not be afraid to take it, it's not a sign of weakness to accept help.  Think of it as a team effort with everyone doing their little bit.

Help arrives in many ways, some practical and very visible - people bringing food or perhaps mowing your lawn.

Some less visible, like the gentle pat on the shoulder from someone asking "tell me about your day?".  Such a small gesture from another person letting your know that you're not alone.

There are so many people willing and able to help, you just need to let them in.

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