Returning Cremated Ashes

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Returning Cremated Ashes

Receiving the cremated ashes of a loved one is never easy.

We do our best to soften the experience by personally bringing the ashes home to the family, either in the urn supplied by the crematorium or in an urn chosen in advance.

When the ashes are returned there's a sense of completing the circle of care for both the Funeral Director and the family.

After someone dies and there's an immediate need to arrange a funeral, the conversation is usually started around the family dining table.  For this reason, it feels emotionally appropriate to close our connection at the same place.

We often find that staying for a cup of tea and talking about the funeral is helpful when returning the ashes.

Also, we can offer direction and information on scattering the ashes or perhaps a future memorial service of some kind.

On other occasions we find the recipient just needs some time alone, so we won't stay.  Just leaving the ashes and then checking in a few days later by telephone.

It's our experience that guides us on how to manage the return of the ashes.  No two meetings are ever the same.

There is no right or wrong way to feel at this time, the important thing is to recognise what is happening and try to accept the moment for what it is.

It takes time.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual. 

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