Reducing The Environmental Footprint

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Reducing The Environmental Footprint

There are numerous ways that we can reduce the environmental impact of our own funeral.


Burial or Cremation?

Numerous studies show that the long-term environmental impact of burial is probably higher than the immediate effect of a cremation.

It's hard to calculate - a traditional cemetery urial ground requires ongoing maintenance.

The ongoing portion of the environmental footprint can be considerably reduced by using the beautiful Natural Burial Ground at Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery.

However, with the cost of any burial plot in Sydney starting at over $10,000 this is not a option for many of us.

Cremation emits between 39-160kg of carbon and at Northern Beaches Funerals we are very proud to partner with Greenfleet by donating a 250kg carbon credit for every cremation we manage.

This means the cremation itself is carbon neutral (if not carbon negative) with Northern Beaches Funerals.


What type of Coffin?

This is the next biggest area where we can “make a difference'.

Bioboard Coffin from Northern Beaches Funerals

Bioboard Coffins are very strong with each unit being fully tested and certified.

They also can be easily written on by hand, decorated and illustrated during the ceremony by family and friends.

Other options include Wicker, Pandanus or Banana Leaf.

Wicker Coffin from Northern Beaches Funerals

They are lined with natural bamboo fibre and are 100% natural and fully biodegradable.  Cost from $900.

Lastly, an Enviro Coffin is made of sustainable Alder wood and is 100% natural, being fastened with timber dowels rather than nails or screws and lined with natural unbleached cotton.  It is a craftsman piece and costs just over $1,000.



Flowers from Northern Beaches Funerals

Great swathes of jasmine and wisteria in the spring, then bright red bottle brush in early summer. Fragrant gardenia around Christmas and flowering gum at all times of the year are great, natural choices.

Plant a Tree in their Memory
How lovely to watch a small sapling slowly become established and mature - whether in your own backyard or (even better) in local bushland.  A living memorial that you can visit for years to come.


Use Technology

The use of Live Streaming has been forced on us by COVID.

With that necessity, the quality of video production and overall composition has improved immeasurably.

The abilities of our videographers are amazing and while there is never any real replacement for attending any event in person, our Livestream options are now an extremely good alternative.

Be sure to include a Livestream option when planning because it's not only good for more people to have access, but it also means there may be a reduction in overall carbon footprint.


Every person is unique.  Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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