No Fixed Address

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No Fixed Address

At Northern Beaches Funerals we believe that every person is difference and that no two people should receive the same funeral service.

No two people lead an identical life, so why would anyone receive an identical farewell.

For this reason, we have "no fixed address".  We do not have a chapel or memorial hall that all of our funeral services are conducted in.

Although a meaningful funeral service can be delivered in a single venue.  It can be better.

We ask "think a little bit more about how the person would want to say goodbye?".

In a starchy venue with no life, no sun and very little meaning?

Or, should we deliver the service that really fits the person?

Who are they?
What did they live for?
What was their passion?

There are no boundaries :

  • the life of a Sailor, we're off to the yacht club.
  • the life of a Surfer, we're off to the beach.
  • the life of a Home Maker, we're off to their backyard.
  • the life of a Golfer, we're off to their favorite golf course.
  • the life of a Military Officer, we're off to the barracks.
  • the life of a School Teacher, we're off to the classroom.

Life is a journey.
Death is the last door.
Let's make their exit mean something.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual. 

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