New Year and New You - Forgive

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New Year and New You - Forgive

The turning of the New Year is usually accompanied by a number of resolutions and commitments you make for yourself and that are made to friends, family and loved ones.

Fitness/personal health usually spring to mind; then there's the financial targets we set ourselves and finally, starting (or stopping) something habitual in your life.

Most times each of these are very big tasks that need a huge commitment and that usually take a while for the results to show.

So, because the results are not immediately on display we think we're on the wrong path and give up because it's "not working".

How about we try a few smaller things and let them snowball?

Doing a tiny thing everyday may feel insignificant, but the results are immediate and once they really start moving, you will have accomplished something great. 

A few very tiny things sprinkled your day is not a huge load but will certainly put you on the path of accomplishment :

  • give one compliment to someone every day
  • turn off your phone one night a week
  • drink more water
  • read a few pages of a book each day
  • forgive, both yourself and others
  • take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator
  • speak kindly to yourself
  • wear sunscreen

On this list is to forgive, so perhaps the thing you could try is to reconnect with a friend or loved one.

They don't need to be approaching the end of their life, but mending a broken relationship with forgiveness before they are could make all the difference to them aswell as you.


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