Live-Streaming ~ Moving to the Next Level

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Live-Streaming ~ Moving to the Next Level

Although public health orders and guidelines are continually changing, it certainly does not mean a beautiful, heartfelt and meaningful funeral or memorial service cannot be delivered.

All it takes is a little more planning and creativity to include people that cannot physically attend.

Technology is our strongest partner.

We've all become more familiar using the internet for webcasts and Live-Streaming and this still remains the best way to include people at a distance.

Most people think the Live-Stream is a one-way tool, allowing people from afar to watch the funeral or memorial service.

We think a Live-Stream can be a more interactive tool.

A bit more planning and a few video edits can bring people into the Live-Stream.

Simply arrange people not able to attend to pre-record their tribute or eulogy which is then incorporated in to the service.

We've found that those delivering a pre-recorded tribute or eulogy give the same level of diligence, thought and consideration as they would to their words delivered in person.

Contact Us to see a real-life example of how a Live-Stream is presented.

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With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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