Caring, Honouring Your Loved One, Kindness -


Kindness - in all its forms - means so much, especially to grieving families.

In our experience with funeral ceremonies, kindness appears everywhere.

The grave digger who quietly finds a chair for an elderly lady.

The funeral assistant who notices someone needs a tissue.

The hearse driver who gently places letters from family into the coffin before cremation.

Whilst these small acts of kindness are often overlooked in the moment, their value is priceless, not only to the person who receives them, but also to the person offering the kindness.

Humans are, by our nature transactional in our relationships and broadly speaking, you get back what you give.

Trust, integrity and kindness are absolute vital elements of funeral care.

We often say “it's the things you do when no one is looking that REALLY matter”.

It is the mortuary attendant who irons the shirt supplied by family in which to dress their loved one.

It is the funeral director who plays the deceased favorite music when transferring the ashes and then who stops for a cup of tea with the family when returning ashes to their home.

It is the funeral staff who quietly breaks down the coffin flowers into smaller bunches to take back to the residential care home for the tables in the cafe.

It is the funeral director who brings colouring pencils and paper for young family members who find it too hard to sit quietly through the entire funeral ceremony.

There are so many ways to apply kindness and we see these as both a blessing and a privilege.

We love our work!

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual. 

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