Funerals in a time of COVID


Funerals in a time of COVID

The prospect of holding a funeral with just 10 people present seems absolutely dismal at first.  However, with careful planning, live streaming and a well chosen venue a funeral held under COVID Restrictions can still be absolutely beautiful.

For many families a large funeral can become a blur of arrangements that ultimately dilute the very intimate experience of farewelling a loved one.

Some people are reluctant to deliver a tribute or eulogy in front of a large group of people and in the circumstance of a tragic death a family can be overwhelmed by the hugs and condolences from the broader community no matter how sincere and well intended.

Obviously, we would all prefer to have the choice of a small and intimate service or a funeral service with a large attendance, but given that there is no other option at present here are some thoughts to help deliver a great funeral or memorial service for your loved one.

Live-Stream of the entire service, including the arrival and departure of the coffin so that (as much as possible) those viewing from afar feel like they are 'in the room'.

To enhance the experience of a funeral service which uses a Live-Stream, we suggest using a professional videographer with a 3 camera set-up so that they can capture wide views as well as close ups of flowers, tributes, candles, etc.

Contact Us to see a real-life example of how a Live-Stream is presented.

Hand Written Messages from those who cannot physically attend the funeral service can be emailed and printed (or posted if time permits) which can be included in the service or placed on/in the coffin.

We've found that hand writing is very emotive and evocative, it can really help create a physical connection.

Also, placing individual flowers and/or lighting candles for close family not able to attend also create a physical connection.

Recorded Tributes.  A short video message can be easily recorded on a smart phone for screening at the funeral service.  We've found that this method can really connect people to the service and while not actually attending in person, it can be the next best thing to being there.

With only 10 people present, we can be more creative with the location the funeral service is held.  Think about a favourite bushland clearing, or in a favourite restaurant or club.  You can be a bit creative here knowing that venues are still allowed to open for funeral services.

After the necessarily small funeral service you might consider holding a wider memorial service (a celebration of life) at a later time.  Perhaps on the birthday of the deceased or maybe the first anniversary of their death when (we hope) we will be out of this crazy time of pandemic.

Families have reported it can actually be of great comfort to have a second event to plan and work towards.  Planning the celebration without the raw grief of the funeral itself.

Every person is unique.  Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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