Funeral Etiquette - Part 2 - Give The Family Space

Funeral Etiquette -

Funeral Etiquette - Part 2 - Give The Family Space

In the days leading up to the funeral, immediate family are under pressure from many directions.

Time pressure to get things done.
Family pressure from various sides.
Possibly financial pressure.

They have been making endless decisions, contacting dozens of people, probably arranging travel and accommodation, choosing music and photos - they are usually exhausted.

Also managing their own deep grief.

The morning of the funeral is often the first time they have actually stopped to take a breath.

This is why we often give families 10 or 15 minutes to be alone in the chapel before we open the doors to everyone.

This time is so important - for them to have some private time with their person and with each other.

Time to breathe, time to stand beside the coffin and to start accepting that what they have been planning is all about to happen.

So, please be respectful if we ask you to wait.

Please understand that whilst the nominated “chapel time” may have started, the doors may not be opened to everyone until the family is ready to commence.

While waiting, we always supply shade, water and seating to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

And of course, there is chatting and greeting of old friends outside the chapel, so time passes quickly.

By understanding the need to give family this private time, you are supporting them in the best way possible.

While they may not say it directly, we know they thankful for the time and are ordinarily very pleased to greet you and to receive your condolences at the end of the ceremony.

Until the end of the ceremony, they are emotionally with the deceased, and often not quite yet ready to be amongst the living.

Giving space before the funeral service is a simple gift you can give.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual. 

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