Flowers for Funerals – how much should we spend?

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Flowers for Funerals – how much should we spend?

Flowers for a Funeral Service

As funeral directors, we are often asked “how much should we spend on flowers”?

The quick answer is that most families spend $300 - $600 on the coffin flowers, sometimes also buying vase displays as well.

The longer, and much more useful answer is to understand the preferences of the deceased as well as their family when it comes to flowers, and also to ensure that a bereaved family doesn't overspend unnecessarily.

If the person who has died really was not interested in flowers, why spend a fortune on a display for their coffin just because we think it's 'the done thing'.

In that situation, it is far more sincere and meaningful to place their old boots, their fishing rod, some photographs or a favorite old hat.  Perhaps a few stems of gum leaves could be added but that's really all that is needed around these items.

The sad fact is that when the coffin arrives at the crematorium, the flowers actually have to be removed and disposed of. because the crematorium chamber is too low to accommodate most floral displays.

Knowing this, we often suggest that rather than having a formal “coffin spray “ of flowers, we have say 20 single stemmed roses , which family can then place on the coffin one by one at the start of the ceremony. The quiet ritual of approaching the coffin, to place the flower, and have a small private moment of connection is tremendously powerful and is a beautiful way to involve the wider family and friends, as well as those who are delivering spoken tributes. And, with single stems, the flowers CAN remain on the coffin for cremation, which is much more healing than the thought they are discarded.


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