Flowers for a Funeral Service or Memorial

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Flowers for a Funeral Service or Memorial

Wisteria for a Funeral or Memorial Service

Naturally, flowers that are in season are always the freshest and the best value for money – but there's a deeper reason why we always recommend using at least some of the typical flowers of the season for the coffin display, or to decorate the funeral or memorial space.

Sunflowers for a Funeral or Memorial Service

By incorporating seasonal garden flowers into their farewell, you create a beautiful and gentle natural reminder of them every year as those same colours and fragrances bloom all around us

In spring time we can add wonderful long drapes of sweet pink and white jasmine – this can be gathered in every Sydney suburb during September and makes a really beautiful, memorable (and completely free) coffin or table display.

Frangipani for a Funeral or Memorial Service

The same goes for cascades of wisteria – stunning and unforgettable.

Summer will always be memorable for creamy white gardenia and the dramatic agapanthus and course for sunflowers, bougainvillea and frangipani.

Again, the visual impact and especially the fragrance will be a wonderful reminder of your loved one.

Some of the most memorable and stunning coffin flowers we've ever seen were brought from the rural garden of the deceased – great spikes of grass trees, flowering gum and spanish moss (old mans beard).

No one will never forget the sight of his beautiful teenage grand daughter marching warrior-like into the chapel, carrying the grass tree spikes she has collected to honour him.

Pure poetry.

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