Flowers after the Service

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Flowers after the Service

Single Rose for Coffin Decoration at a Funeral or Memorial Service

What happens to the flowers after the funeral or memorial?

This is another very commonly asked question.

Traditionally, flowers would either remain in place on the coffin for cremation or burial.

We often incorporate a laying of individual flowers towards the end of the funeral service.

The most beautiful display can be created with something as simple as sprigs of lavender, or single stemmed roses.

It's a wonderful way to end a ceremony and these individual flowers can then remain on the coffin for lowering or cremation.

Some families choose to take the main floral display home after the service, or to the wake.

Sometimes we are asked to deliver them to the hospital ward or nursing home that cared for their loved one. The display is always welcomed especially when accompanied with a copy of the Order of Service booklet.

An innovation for the flowers is offered by Embedded Blooms.

They have beautiful options of preserving one or two of the coffin flowers in resin which creates a stunning everlasting piece which forever be a direct connection to that last touch.

Embedded Blooms Embedded Blooms Embedded Blooms

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