Children at Funerals

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Children at Funerals

Children actually deal very well with death and funerals provided they are told the truth in a clear, honest and gentle manner.

We’ve found that children need to know the person has died, not that they are “lost” or “gone to sleep”.

Kids are scared enough of getting lost without it being associated with dying!

A death in the family affects children of all ages, no matter how the adults may try to shield them.

The catharsis of attending the funeral can be very helpful provided they are allowed to take part in their own, age appropriate way, without feeling any pressure.

Involving children in a funeral can be as easy as asking them to draw a picture or a card for granny/grandpa which can be placed onto the coffin - either by the child during the service, or perhaps beforehand.

Enabling them to approach and touch the coffin draws them into the service and helps them see for themselves that the coffin is not scary and that death is a completely natural part of life.

Or they may like to read a poem, or perhaps light candles for family members who cannot attend in person.

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