Catering for a funeral

Catering Ideas, Steps to Follow -

Catering for a funeral

This is entirely your choice – again, no rights or wrongs and no expectations.

After all the emotion of a funeral most people feel exhausted, empty and in need of some light refreshment. This can be as kind and simple as cups of tea and cake immediately after the service for all attendees. (In fact, its a great thing answer to give to all those who ask ”what can I do to help?” - “please bake a cake and bring it it to the funeral tea” ).

Some people might have a picnic, or make their own food but usually you will be so exhausted that you'll be glad of some simple catering arrangements – often stand up drinks & finger food at a nearby venue, or at your home (or where the funeral has been held if suitable).

Do not feel that you have to provide lavish catering, or spend more than you can afford. Nobody would want you to overspend and if you prefer, very low key/simple is just fine. What is important is to choose an appropriate, unhurried place where people can gather to share comfort and memories.