Brothers in Arms - RAAF Funeral

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Brothers in Arms - RAAF Funeral

Recently, we were honoured to have a glimpse into the very special bond of brotherhood and honour amongst the personnel at RAAF Richmond.

The unexpected death of their comrade had left them reeling with their own shock and grief, but they immediately stepped up to support his family and offered to hold the funeral service on the air force base he so loved.

Security passes, forces protocol, flag protocol and the need to escort 100+ mourners across the secure base were just a few of the complications to be managed.

The recent isolation of the entire base by flood waters and the ongoing torrential rain didn't deter any of his friends and comrades (many of them quite elderly) from attending.

The coffin was brought into the church to the mournful beat of a single drum.

Tributes, music, prayer and reflection followed and, at the end of the service, the proud salute as the hearse departed said everything for this proud Air Force family.

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