A Welcome Cuppa

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A Welcome Cuppa

A simple cup of tea and a biscuit is one of our most comforting traditions and never more so than at a funeral.

Recently when scheduling a burial at a local cemetery there was an hour's gap between the funeral mass and the burial itself.

We took this opportunity to include one of our favourite elements for such as occasion - The Bush Kitchen - so that everyone could make themselves a welcome cup of tea, coffee or a mug of hot chocolate under the shade of a tree near to the grave site.

We arranged a plate of his favourite biscuits - the Arnotts Family Selection - and with the kettle merrily boiling away we greeted Roy's family and friends as they arrived at the cemetery.

This Tea Break provided the much needed down time for them to chat together and support each other as they prepared for the burial.

It's human touches like this that make all the difference.

People feel able to be themselves and this really helps maximize the healing offered by a good funeral.

Something so simple can mean so much.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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