A Fitting Farewell

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A Fitting Farewell

As with most rituals, funerals can be shrouded in mystery and can be an intimidating event to co-ordinate or manage if you have not had any exposure to the process.

We at Northern Beaches Funerals believe that the more information you have and the more you understand, the more comfortable you will be.

With comfort comes confidence and when you're confident you can really start to build an exceptional and memorable event - the Funeral Service or the Memorial Service.

We call it an event, because that's what it is.

Some are sombre affairs where the mood is of sadness, sorrow or loss.

Others are raucous - almost like a festival - with music and dancing.

The mood of any event is usually set by the guest of honour; in this case it is the deceased.

Those that knew them will certainly have different experiences, but the underlying nature of the person will shine through in the same way for everyone.

So we say, let them shine.

If they were the centre of the party, then continue that theme.  Let them dominate the event - get their friends and family to retell some of their more "colourful" stories.

If they were more reserved and usually took a more supporting roll.  Get people to relay those stories of quiet support and what they did for them.

You'd be surprised at the acts and actions they were involved in and how they impacted and touched so may people with you knowing about it.

All of this CAN happen, but before it does, you need to be comfortable with the process.

Call us to ask a few more questions.

Every person is unique.  Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual.

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