A Eulogy

Eulogy, Honouring Your Loved One -

A Eulogy

This is a speech given at a funeral service or memorial that praises the deceased.

It is a time to elaborate on their life and personality.

It is usually delivered by a family member or close family friend; but for some this may be too painful and the eulogy may be delivered by the funeral director, celebrant or the religious minister presiding over the service.

While a eulogy is not mandatory, it is usually one of the most important elements of the service.

It offers a time for people to hear about the deceased, their accomplishments, the influence they've had on other people and the community.

It serves as one of the last times that people come together to remember the deceased and hearing the stories within a eulogy can not only perpetuate their memory, but also serve as method to ease people's grief.

A eulogy can include a variety of things :

  • where and when they were born
  • marriages, children, grandchildren
  • education, career or military service
  • significant events that shaped their life
  • community or club involvement
  • standout achievements
  • display of their sense of humour, political and philosophical
  • strong likes or dislikes
  • their interests such as sport, music, cooking or art... etc
  • how they will be remembered


There is no right or wrong eulogy, as long as it is spoken in true and honest tones, the reflection of the deceased will shine through.

Will it be a solemn statement or ripping yarn?

Kathryn can be a great guide and you to get started or perhaps help refine and hone the eulogy you've already written.

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