7 Points of Difference; Well Maybe 12.

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7 Points of Difference; Well Maybe 12.

Someone recently told me there are usually 7 tangible points of difference between creating fabulous customer experience and - well - the opposite.

This got me thinking about the number of conversations with families in which they express surprise at how comprehensive our care is compared to other funeral directors they or their friends have experienced.

So I made a list :

1)  we are genuinely (personally) available 24/7, including on public holidays.

2)  we are always willing to give approximate pricing on the first phone call, and then follow up with an accurate quote by email.

3)  we tell the truth about how long things should take.

Especially if their person has died in a hospital, there is no rush and they can take a few days to choose their funeral director.

If a hospital is not involved, they do need to decide within a few hours, but not immediately.  Their most important immediate need is their own emotional care.

4)  we come to the family home to discuss the funeral arrangements.  This allows all significant family members to attend and makes an emotional time less stressful.

5)  we listen - really listen - so that we can offer the right options to help people identify what will work best for them, both emotionally and financially.

6)  we are completely transparent about costs and will always look for ways to reduce costs for the family.

7)  we confirm all the detailed decisions in a post-meeting email so that everyone is clear who is doing what.

8)  we keep families informed with regular check-ins before the funeral on the day of the funeral, we will arrive at the church or chapel at least an hour in advance to ensure everything is set up and double checked before the family arrive.

9)  if we are celebrant as well as funeral director, the service will have been carefully researched and written, with input from several family members and friends to ensure it is sincere, accurate and appropriately pitched for the deceased.

10)  we encourage an unhurried and dignified ceremony, in which both close family and the wider congregation feel involved - this often includes ritual such as lighting candles or individual placing of flowers after the cremation.

11)  we personally return the ashes to family (where applicable).

12)  we offer relevant support after the funeral where needed because post-funeral discussions can be incredibly healing.

So, it turns out that according to the families we care for there are actually 12 things we do that they tell us has really helped them and that they did not expect to find when they first started looking for a funeral director.

Our thanks go out to the families we serve for their honest feedback.

Every person is unique. Every family is different.
With us, every Funeral is Individual. 

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